About us

Sno-King LeTip is a group of business owners who get together every week, and pass referrals to one another.

Sno-King is an abreviation of Snohomish and King counties, and it represents where we all do business, although some chapter members operate a little outside that geographical area. Our chapter has been around since 1990 approximately. It is the longest standing chapter of LeTip in Washington State, and has generated the highest volume of revenue of any chapter in this state for each of many years in a row.

LeTip was founded in 1978. It is an organization of professional men and women and has chapters all across North America. Our principles are those of transparency, honesty and professional work. Each chapter is run in a time-honored way to provide a sustained business lead generation forum for its members.

Meetings are run in a specific way. We watch our time, our topics, and manage the chapter -- you could say -- democratically. People who generate quality leads are celebrated, and members are encouraged to take positions to help run the various functions of the group.

The average revenue generated by a Sno-King chapter member is now above $30,000 per year, and that figure has increased for the third year in a row. Some years, a given member might have an exceptional year, then the next year, another member scores some big business. The more a member gets involved, the better they do.

As a member, you have a dedicated category. A category is a line of business for which you have exclusive access to referrals within the chapter. For instance, if you were to become a member as a pet groomer, no other pet groomer will be allowed to join the chapter as long as you remain a chapter member. There are hundreds of different such categories available, but some popular ones across the country are real estate agent, mortgage broker, chiropractor, massage therapist, landscaper, handyman, CPA, website designer, home and auto insurance agent, and pest control expert. A complete list can be found on the corporate headquarters website. Take a look at the 'Open Business Category' list on www.letip.com/find-chapter.

Every member may visit any other chapter in the country as long as their category is not taken in that chapter. That means you have access to potentially hundreds -- tens of thousands across the country -- of similar, trusted professionals in the area for the cost of buying your own breakfast or lunch, if there is a charge at all. So, if you are, for example, a skin care specialist, you can drop into as many other chapters as you have the time to visit, getting your message out to a huge number of people.

What makes LeTip extraordinary is, every member is a business owner. We show up to do business and to bring business to others. We know that our individual success depends also on the success of other members. Bringing business to other members draws attention to the member bringing the referrals, and their own business, in turn, gets a lot more attention as a result.Let us help you grow your business - visit us

LeTip is the gift that keeps on giving. Most LeTip members continue to receive top quality leads for years after they have moved on from a chapter, and many chapter members rely on this source of new business as their main source of quality lead generation.

We operate like a family. Meeting every week and staying connected to this 'mobile sales team' means that each member gets to understand each other's business. We each know that famous elevator pitch for each of our fellow members. We circle back on how leads progressed, and how well the work was delivered. Quality delivery of goods or services is essential, as each chapter member wants to refer out quality providers only. Over time, this results in a team of reliable, professional business service providers.

Come visit us. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast on us, and there will be absolutely no pressure to join. Bring your business cards, and who knows! You might generate new business on the very first visit!