Brendon Diment

Brendon Diment is our chapter's fitness and nutrition specialist. After a bad auto accident a number of years ago, Brendon had a long path to recovery, and turned that experience into a expertise in helping others in their fitness and health goals. 

His areas of expertise are:

1. Fitness coaching

2. Lifestyle improvements

3. Food and nutrition counseling and planning

4. Weightloss coaching and supplements

Getting in shape is not simply a question of eating less, or indeed, exercising more. Brendon's experience of a personal crisis that stopped his own fitness regimen in its tracks taught his that every body is different. The key to sustained success in fitness is to tailor a sustainable set of good habits, practices and attitude. Every one of Brendon's clients benefits from a unique program that is just for them. 

If you want to get fit and stay fit, talk to Brendon today.

Contacting Brendon Diment: