Liam Scanlan - Web Developer

Liam Scanlan has been delivering web solutions to his clients for the past eight years. He wrote his first computer program at the age of seventeen, and spent the next twelve career-formative years working for Siemens AG (then Nixdorf Computer), working and living in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Korea, and eventually settling in the United States. After spending another five years in Microsoft Corporation, he spent some twenty more years creating a number of technology startups, including Bocada, Inc, in Bellevue, WA.

He built his first website in 1994, and stepped into the then-embryonic science of Search Engine Optimization in 1999.

In 2007, he took up building websites full time, mastered several content management systems — Dreamweaver, WordPress, Big Medium, Drupal and others — as well as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Java, and several other computer languages and scripts.

With about a hundred websites under his belt in the last decade, he can develop an excellent website for almost any small business.

His current list of clients include high tech companies, home services, construction, plumbing, retail, health services and other areas.

At Scanlan & Associates, he offers a sustainable web presence service and support model that clients find attractive for a number of reasons. Mostly, it is because he am completely service focused. You can reach him almost any time of the day or night.

Le Tip members enjoy the discounted price of $160/month for the web presence service. There is no up-front sign-up fee, no "Go Live" charge, and no other charge above and beyond the fixed, $160/month subscription.

If you are already selling the product or service you offer to your own clients or customers, Scanlan & Associates can build a web presence that mirrors your existing approach on the Web.

Each website Scanlan builds and supports is hosted on the fasted hardware money can buy. Unlike most website companies that cram thousands of websites onto tired, old hardware. Scanlan's clients' websites are hosted on dedicated hardware using SSD (Solid State Device) disk drives and state-of-the-art central processors. Typically, that means presenting website content in about 1/5th the time of average websites.

Call him to anytime to start a real conversation about a web presence that works.

Contacting Liam Scanlan

(425) 830-5196